The Curator’s Eye

Decline and Fall and a Rising Star
Selected by Charles and Amanda Kitchings, owners, Ambach & Rice Gallery
Isle of Man, 2009; Conception in Parts, 2009; acrylic on canvas, 48 x 60 inches; photos by Eric Fisher
Grant Barnhart had the most…

Discover A Legend

When other future Seattle painters were in art school, teenager Marika Frank spent 1944 to 1945 in Bergen-Belsen, where Anne Frank died, and in the death camps of Auschwitz, where her mother and father were separated from her and killed (as were…

Say Farewell to an Old Friend

Turn the PageElliott Bay Book Company moves on to Capitol Hill. Will we?
Photography by Andrew Waits
When literary types heard that Elliott Bay Book Company might close forever after thirty-six years in its landmark 1890 Pioneer Square home, wailing…

See Seattle’s Next Big Band

Building a Grand HallwayIt takes a village to make Tomo Nakayama’s music.
Photography by Young Lee
The ballard home where the members of orchestral pop collective Grand Hallway spend much of their time is a collection in itself: a fake deer head…

Here We Stand

With the home_page.project, Klara Glosova has turned her house into a gallery and a homage to revolutions, both public and private.
There are 335 feet of chaos on the floor of Klara Glosova’s home. It’s not a jumble of toys and shoes like in most…

&: The Art You Make

Molly Norris pens a love letter to her local grocery store, originally written for the CAB’s new monthly series, Soapbox Artist.


Urbane and Volunteer Park Cafe take on love, gore and Peter Gabriel.

The Shot

Photographer Mike Kane captures polar bear poets out for a swim.


A peak inside costume designer Lisa Fruichante’s workshop.