Rising from The Residency

Aspiring hip-hop artists from around King County took the stage last Friday night, performing songs they’d written and recorded as part of an artist development program designed to equip teens from underserved communities with professional music skills.

The Core Ensemble presents ‘Don Giovanni’ from a woman’s point of view

In the theater group's take on Mozart's opera, Don Giovanni is punished for his sins against women in a very contemporary version of hell.

The healing flavor of ‘Moonshine’

Imana Gunawan's 'Moonshine: a cabaret project' blends music, dance and food in a communal art experience based on an original folktale.
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Elisheba Johnson Helms a New Pioneer Square Space

The 101, as the space is called, officially opens later this month but its first exhibition opens Friday, Aug. 3. 'CHARCOAL' features 19 Black or African Diaspora artists living in the Pacific Northwest.