Faded Signs

Pete Holmes’ white-washing of protest history

Seattle's City Attorney recently attacked what he sees as the lawlessness of the city’s protestors—and established himself as a pundit-prosecutor on the incorrect side of history.
Sketchbook Porn

Aidan Sakakini breaks down everything before him

The printmaker unleashes his love of line in his copious sketchbooks, the volumes of which reveal landscapes loosely inked or scenery snarling together in a filigree of artful knots.
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Monyee Chau is here to stunt

"My style is about redefining what it means to be Asian American, about being authentically me."

‘Richard III’ stars Sarah Harlett as the power-mad tyrant

Harlett leads an all-female version of Shakespeare's political war drama, playing one of theatrical history's most complex villains.