Never Forget the Suffragettes

How did women win the right to vote a hundred years ago? An exhibit at the Washington State History Museum reminds us that marching in the streets was not enough. It required cajoling individual males: husbands, uncles, milkmen. Read this article…

The Past Requires Attention

Pat Graney’s unprecedented performance piece “House of Mind” goes on tour, bringing a deep reservoir of memory with it.
Photography by Aaron Locke
For twenty years Seattle-based choreographer Pat Graney has been concocting otherworldly…

The Curator’s Eye

Primal Strokes | Towan the Orangutan, Painter
selected by Felicity Oram, asian primates keeper, Woodland Park Zoo
Untitled, 16 X 20 inches, non-toxic acrylic paint, sidewalk chalk on canvas. Photos courtesy of Woodland Park Zoo.
I first met Towan…

The Economy and the Arts

A Hard Times Survival Guide
Just how is the New Depression affecting the Northwest arts scene? ArtsFund’s recent State of the Arts survey of eighty-one local groups puts some hard numbers on hard times. Most major regional groups are cutting…


Of wolves and women.
Welcome to City Arts’ new “Hangout” column, devoted to Seattle’s most creative people in their natural habitat — a favorite restaurant or bar, from hole-in-the-wall spots to hole-in-the-wallet splurges. When Lesley…

Outside the Machine

Seattle artist Jesse Edwards: a prolific troublemaker with energy to burn.
Photography by Caleb Plowman
Entering artist Jesse Edwards’ downtown Seattle apartment building, one is confronted by a series of contradictions. Although the building is…