How to Write Right: Exempli Gratia

From the desk of Roberta Klarreich
I’m planning to get up to speed on Shakespeare’s lesser-known works (i.e., Pericles).
It’s also a good idea to get up to speed on the abbreviations i.e. and e.g., which can get mixed up. Both abbreviations…

Around Town

“When someone tells you about how they feel about you, the burden is really on the listener.” — Sean Nelson on the nature of the love song

HEART CHAMBERFor the second installment of Chamber vs Chamber at the Sorrento Hotel on Saturday, February…

The Freedom of the Press

Northwest artists brandish the tools of countless revolutions, large and small, proving that letterpress still matters, even in our digital age. Especially in our digital age.
Griffith Williams prepares to press at his Kenmore studio, East Point West…

An Excerpt from Pulserator

In which a door-to-door salesman has just convinced a housewife to let him into her home to demonstrate the powers of his latest vacuum cleaner model.
Housewife: So your life on the road is more than just gunk and grime?
Salesman: Wha … ?…

As It Should Be

If I have one ambition for the Seattle Erotic Art Festival, it’s to upend the notion that erotic art exists only for a fringe audience.
Art history shows us that the subject of sex has always been relevant: Bernini’s Ecstasy of St. Theresa,…

In Store: Neighborhood Watch

Tiempo fixes timepieces and jewelry and brings a neighborhood together
Tiempo does not repair clocks (only watches), but they do sell them. Photograph by Andrew Waits for City Arts.
It is a Saturday afternoon at Tiempo, and owner Jody Laine has a…

Style Profile: So Wrong It’s Right

If you spot Scott Kuhlman in his trademark glasses biking towards his eponymous Belltown boutique, you might think him a stylish academic. With impeccably cut clothes, effortlessly combined, the Seattle-based tailor is a model for looking great…

Questions: Quantum Leap

When he’s not writing sci-fi novels, John Cramer is trying to build a time machine in the basement of the UW Physics Building
Photograph by Andrew Waits for City Arts.
University of Washington physics professor emeritus John Cramer is that rarest…

The Shot

Photograph by Victoria VanBruinisse for City Arts.
The phone bank sits momentarily idle at the KEXP offices early on Friday, March 12, the final day of the station’s spring pledge drive.
“We stand on our chairs when the phones stall out,” says…

Workshop: Key Bored

Tiffany Lin pulls apart the piano and makes something new in This Old Piano.
Tiffany Lin is frustrated with the piano. So she’s spending all this month ripping two of them apart. It sounds like a musician’s revenge fantasy, but it’s a major…