Gritty, Gray and Familiar

Renee Simms at Chinese Reconciliation Park on Ruston Way. Photo by Elizabeth Crook

“From Tacoma I mine these wounds through writing, determined to illustrate my hometown’s complexity and to add to the intellectual tradition of writers raised in that place.”

Bloom Where You’re Planted

Darryl Crews at Alma Mater. Photo by Elizabeth Crook

Darryl Crews is an entertainment entrepreneur, producer, booker, talent manager and lifelong Tacoma resident.

The Vapors

C. Rosalind Bell in her garden. Photo by Elizabeth Crook

“Tacoma is a writer’s town. It’s true, writers need pen and paper. They also need huge chunks of noodling time, of sequester, a void in which to wander. And just as much we need community.”

Dear Seattle, 16 Warnings from Tacoma before You Pack Your Bags

The Hawthorne neighborhood circa 1978, a Black neighborhood that was condemned and demolished for the construction of the Tacoma Dome. This photo was taken by Gwen Jones, owner of Jones Glass, one of the longest-running Black-owned businesses in Tacoma.

Are you considering a move to Tacoma? If so, you are on notice. There is no such thing as “gentrification done right.”

APRIL’s Swan Song

Inflatable swans littered the grounds of the final APRIL fest. Photo by Ben Mouch

Sarah Galvin reflects on the literary festival’s remarkable seven-year run and last hurrah.