Eclectic Comfort

Photo by Lauren Max

Isabella Du Graf carries on a family legacy of cool.

WHO Isabella Du Graf, the 28-year-old jazz/R&B singer and songwriter who’s about to release her debut album of original material, plus one “lyrical homage” to “Feel Like Making Love.” Born and raised in Seattle, Du Graf left town to earn a degree from the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston before returning home. Though she spends most days working for the design firm founded by her parents, Du Graf Associates, she is first and foremost a musician. “I’ve been making music my entire life,” she says, “and don’t expect to retire anytime soon.”

THE LOOK “I dress comfortably and functionally. I’m not necessarily drawn to brand names—rather to natural fibers like silk, linen and wool, or statement pieces like my Trippen shoes. When I get to work from the office, I keep it casual, usually incorporating a pair of my Nikes. I love my Air Maxes, Flyknits, Huaraches, Jordans. I’m really into oversized things. My go-to everyday must-wear: something Faris jewelry, designed and made in Seattle.” The designer behind Faris is Du Graf’s sister.

ICONS “My style is eclectic. I inherited my parents’ love for design, specifically mid-century modern furniture. I got really into Peter Max, who’s a prolific fixture from the Pop Art movement. But also performers like Sade: simple, refined, beautiful and timeless. This collective roundtable of influence and inspiration really are the things that define my style.”

UP NEXT Du Graf is wrapping up production on her album Love, Love? Love., which will be released in the weeks ahead. Check out for more.