Photo by TUF

TUF releases their second zine, ‘Pathos Playbook’ 

It may be slim, but there’s more inspired thinking in TUF’s latest zine than in many publications with twice the page count. Simultaneously grounded and chimerical, TUF’s Zine Issue 2: Pathos Playbook bursts with color, emotion and typefaces, the pages artfully crammed with interviews, poetry, photography, visual art, a collection of dreams.

Intersectional female/femme/nonbinary/trans collective TUF is made up of artists and makers of all types, who all share two interests: safe spaces and electronic media. A small sampling of Pathos Playbook contributors: Sofia Lee, Valerie Calano, Sharlese J. Metcalf, Alison McKay, Gia Valente.

“We are often horribly alone even in the company of those we love,” reads an introductory note from the editors. “Drawing close to your own identity is the best comfort for this loneliness. When we learn about others we learn more about our true identity, and tighten the concentric path we draw around ourselves, like circling birds.”