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Laura Hamje’s impasto landscapes smear houses, bridges and cars in a watery miasma that captures the slippery, fleeting essence of Northwest rainstorms—as though seen through windshields or squinted eyes. Her recent body of work is somewhat of a departure, featuring a suite of smaller, intimate oil pastels on paper rather than her previous oil on canvas.

“The majority of these pieces came from my walks to work, which started a little over a year ago,” Hamje says. “This piece surprised me the most out of all the drawings. It was more abstract than I was used to and possessed an energy that seemed to embody the freedom and foreboding I felt on my walks. It was the meeting of explosive joy and trepidation—an awareness of the illusions we place on top of what we see.”

Mirage is on view at Bryan Ohno Gallery through Aug. 26.