Taste Test with Lele Barnett

Lele Barnett

I feel very fortunate. I’ve found the dream job,” says Lele Barnett, owner of the Lumiere Group, an art-consulting service that manages collections for clients public and private, including the 5,000-piece Microsoft art collection. Barnett came to Seattle as a teenager, studied art and art history at the University of Washington and, over the last two decades, has shaped some of the most significant collections 
in the Northwest.

Dumpling king
Some friends and I have a Chinese food club, and Dough Zone is one of our favorites. There’s one in Redmond and one opening in the ID. They have a bun called the jian bao that’s amazing—
crispy and soft at the same time.

Loan shark
I attend a lot of art events and fairs and I run out of dresses. I use Rent the Runway for trips—they deliver designer dresses directly to my hotel and I return them after my events. 
It’s the Netflix of fashion.


Organic art
In Seattle there’s an artist named Allison Kudla who’s 3D printing with living matter, plant tissue. She calls herself a “bio artist” and her work is super innovative.

Get physical
I don’t go out to clubs anymore but I still love to dance so I go to Studio 206, which is a dance-fitness studio in the Old Rainier Brewery.

Bling me
Sally Brock makes rings with a unique, beautiful style and ethically sourced stones. I love Fancy, her jewelry store and art gallery in Belltown.