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Spilled Ink

Life Is Short Top Chef contestant and Crave founder Robin Leventhal talks about her tattoo and the battle that led to it. Photos by Sunny Facer As the founder and executive chef of the late, hip Capitol Hill restaurant Crave, and as a former...

Music. Drugs. God. Music.

Ben Haggerty begins his days with thirty minutes of deep meditation. This is how he finds his equilibrium, a place he can create from. It wasn't always like this, he says while sitting in the reading loft above Caffé Vita's main coffeehouse in...

Hangout: On the Dot

Abuzz with Grammy hype, Tacoma’s unknown star makes it clear that he isn’t going anywhere. It’s hard to get a beat on Quincy Henry. He doesn’t like the term “rapper,” or “producer,” or even “artist.” Those words are too...