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Scarecrow Suggests: June 2017

The Young Pope

Staff at the renowned video store and nonprofit archive highlight the best in this month’s new DVD and Blu-ray releases.

June 6
The Young Pope
The Young Pope
is at times hilarious and transcendent, other times frustratingly opaque and meandering, and never boring to look at. Audacious visuals include the Pope (Jude Law) crawling out of a giant pile of babies in the Vatican’s courtyard. Law’s poker-faced central performance is the springboard for a show of contradictions, walking a fine line between satirizing the Catholic church for its excesses and extolling the importance of faith. —Kevin Clarke

June 13
They Live by Night
Nicholas Ray’s first film is arguably the greatest directorial debut from Hollywood’s classic era, and one of the very first “outlaw couple on the run” movies. Star-crossed lovers Farley Granger and Cathy O’Donnell glow as they strive to eke out an existence in the Depression-era rural south, dodging cops and criminals alike. There’s an urgency and unashamed romanticism in Ray’s story that separates it from other film noirs of the period. —Mark Steiner

June 27
Hell in the Pacific

John Boorman’s spare, scintillating WWII drama places two castaways from opposing sides of the war (Lee Marvin and Toshirô Mifune, both actual WWII veterans) on an island as we watch them play cat and mouse for the better part of two hours. Boorman chose not to subtitle Mifune’s Japanese dialogue, adding to the otherworldly atmosphere along with an eerie Lalo Schifrin score and hypnotic visuals by legendary cinematographer Conrad Hall. —Mark Steiner

The Autopsy of Jane Doe
In this slow-burning, claustrophobic horror film, father and son coroners have to figure out how a mysterious female body died, and each discovery is more unsettling than the last. Her eyes are cloudy, yet her corpse is fresh. Her lungs are burnt, but her body’s untouched. Her tongue’s removed, and a tooth is found wrapped in cloth inside of her stomach. Soon the morgue itself seems to come alive with a malicious, supernatural force. —Emalie Soderback