Rage in the Cage

Donzis warming up the steel cage with some blistering down-home rock n roll.

The streets of Georgetown flowed with beer and blood this weekend at the first annual Backyard Bunkhouse BBQ Brawl and Rock ‘n’ Wrestling Rager. Hosted in the side lot of Sisters and Brothers restaurant and presented by the folks at local wrestling organization North West Alliance, the Rager gave fans an afternoon of in-your-face wrestling bouts and pure rock ‘n’ roll action as Seattle’s reigning champs Stallion fought to defend their title from their latest challengers, brash upstarts Pink Parts.

The daylong event showcased a host of bands, a variety of wrestling matches and even a burping contest to lighten the mood. The main event, the rock ‘n’ roll title bout between Pink Parts and Stallion, got nasty when Pink Parts stormed the ring and veteran brawler Kevin Sullivan took a cheap shot at Stallion frontman Luscious Luke, opening up his forehead. In the end, the champs prevailed, took home the title belt and lived to fight another day.

Photos by Victoria Holt