Letters To The Ocean

Letters To Ocean

In Lydia Bassis’ most recent series, To the Ocean, acrylic paintings on paper comprise a catalog of watery, layered landscapes. Bold colors pop from muted grey planes—inchoate blueprints for the symbolism that runs through the work.

“I am thinking of the paintings as letters to the ocean,” Bassis says, “me telling it about my experiences near it and with it. I’ve worked with the theme of water before, but this time around the idea came to me while sitting at the beach last summer, thinking about all the moments of clarity the ocean has given people, all the problems the ocean has helped solved by allowing space to dream, think, breathe. Yet I never expect the viewer to experience my work the same way I do. I love that it’s open-ended and ambiguous.”

To the Ocean is on view at Zinc Contemporary through July 1.