“The Rolling Stones”
Band, Seattle
The NW’s rockingest Rolling Stones cover band. If/when they play again, make sure you’re there. AS
#itsonlyrocknrollbutilikeit #personalbias

How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming
Book, California
Written by the astronomer who proved Pluto wasn’t a planet. Not at all boring or overly scientific; a great read. AS 
#spaceistheplace #elliottbaybooks #unfathomabledistances

Rock City Sidebang
Hairstyle, Detroit

Fools Gold Records rapper Danny Brown has not given a fuck for years. Lately, he gives even less by straightening his hair on the right side and sporting a fade on the left. KP
#rockcityshit #stuckongully

Cardboard tables, Seattle
Artist, curator, craftsman Matthew Richter’s handcrafted furniture in a “Storefronts Seattle” space in Pioneer Square are killer. I have one of his cardboard tables in my living room. SE
#furnitureasart #xom 

Fallen Jewel 
Film, Seattle
A love letter to Seattle’s multi-disciplinary, multi-talented arts scene. Many theater, film, burlesque, dance, business and music folks generously gave their time and talents. SE
#waxiemoon #hometownpride #upcomingrelease

The bar at Canlis
Watering hole, Seattle
Put on a pretty dress or tie, sit at the bar and drink your dessert. Creative and delicious cocktails and old-school design hearken to another era. SE
#greatviews #andpeoplewatching #cocktailsasart

Fun House
Exhibit, Western Bridge
Julian Hoeber’s piece in this show is a structure based on “gravitational mystery spots.” Go inside and it feels like you’re standing up, but looks like you’re leaning at a crazy angle. BB
#gonnamakemenauseous #mungothomson #olafureliasson 

Dinner, my house
No better way to serve $50 worth of seafood to six people. JZ
#crustaceans #bivalves #finfish #bigbrothman 

Panda Bear Sneakers
Shoes, probably China
Just received my new sneaks by designed by Noah Lennox, a.k.a. Animal Collective’s Panda Bear, for Keep Clothing. Money goes to helping protect the marine biosphere off the coast of Baja. SS
#alsotheresanewpandabearalbum #itsgood

By Betsey Brock (Henry Art Gallery), Sara Edwards (4Culture), Karim Panni (Quality Control/Boom Bap Project), Steven Severin (Neumos/City Arts Fest), Adam Swan (Truckasauras), Jonathan Zwickel