TheClymb.comRetailer, the InternetYou think REI’s Gear Garage has deals? These guys hook up fresh hiking/surfing/climbing/riding gear with members-only weekly sales. EG#NWfashionPorn 8 Limbs & SAMYoga classes, downtown SeattleFREE outdoor yoga...
Retailer, the Internet
You think REI’s Gear Garage has deals? These guys hook up fresh hiking/surfing/climbing/riding gear with members-only weekly sales. EG


8 Limbs & SAM
Yoga classes, downtown Seattle
FREE outdoor yoga classes! All ages and levels, 10 a.m.–11 a.m. every Saturday through August at Olympic Sculpture Park. EG
#YogaGeeks #DontForgetToBreathe


House shows
Your place, anywhere
The hottest new club is not a club. Book your favorite local or visiting band to play an acoustic set in your living room, deck or garden, then posse up and rock out. EG
#HomegrownSounds #EatDrinkBeMerry


Zuiikin’ English
Enigma, Japan
My neighbor introduced me to these videos and now I’m obsessed. Apparently this was a public access show in Japan in the 1990s. Fascinating. MK
#theclimaxscenereallygottome #???


Stage Door Johnnies
Male burlesque troupe, Chicago
The striptease power trio Ray Gunn, Bazooka Joe and Jett Adore are my newest performer crush(es). Hope to bring ‘em to Seattle soon. MK


Eggplant fries
Dish, Poppy
Like french fries made of eggplant slivers. Served with sea salt and honey. Possibly the best food ever. MK
#sosimple #sodelicious


Big E Root Beer
Beverage, Lynnwood
Local, all-ages suds via Ellersick Brewing. Serious Pie has it on draft! MK
#22differentherbs #delicious #illhaveanother


True Blood Season 3
DVD, Netflix
I routinely fantasize about Sam and that sexy werewolf guy getting it on. Apparently Season 4—now on HBO—has fairies. MK


The Oprah Magazine, QFC check-out line
I prefer my self-help in small doses. MK
#wannareadit #butnotgonnabuyit


Joshua Sturgeon
Dance instructor, Capitol Hill
Seattle’s sexiest swinger—West Coast Swing, that is—teaches at Century Ballroom. His partner-dance skills are exceptional. MK


Energy rejuvenation machine, Landers, Calif.
In 1954, an extraterrestrial named Solganda instructed George Van Tassel on how to build this domed, acoustically perfect wooden tabernacle on a natural energy vortex in the Mojave Desert. JZ
#soundbath #electromagnetic #believe


Moss ball, Japan
Considered a national treasure in Japan, these fuzzy-cute algae (not moss at all) make offbeat, worry-free, water-bound pets. JZ
#mossyelliot #mossdef #katemoss


Dish, my backyard
Corn on the cob=entry-level. Advance your BBQ corn game Mexi-style with mayo, cotija cheese, lime and chili powder. JZ
#colonelkernel #vaya


Kickstarter Campaigns
Financial support, the Internet
A good idea if you’ve paid dues, sold records and have a fanbase. No-name, untalented rappers trying to start Kickstarter campaigns though? KP
#fuckouttahere #yourenevergonnamakeit


Snapback hats
Retro fashion accessory, probably China
Thumbs down to your 1986 KC Kings draft-day snapback bought at Footlocker yesterday. Looks like a freakin’ piñata. Name one player on that team. KP #youlooklikeatool


Teenage neck tattoo
Poor life decision, suburban USA
Good luck with that big job interview, Bendecho! KP
#youaintmiketyson #sandwichartistforlife


Avant Garde Project
Digital archive, the Internet
Dozens of hours of the 20th century’s most obscure classical, experimental and electroacoustic music converted into free digital files. MB
#stretchingtheweb #mycatshatemenow


Lotte Kestner
Band, Seattle
Anna-Lynne Williams records other people’s songs in her apartment and releases them as Lotte Kestner. Vic Chestnutt’s “Flirted with You All My Life” is on her latest, Stolen. MB
#fuckingdevastating #beautifultoo


Dustin Ackley
Second baseman, Seattle Mariners
Ackley’s swing harkens to Mattingly and he’s an alchemist with his glove, but what instills hope is his walk-up song: Skynyrd’s “Simple Man.” MB
#goodlookinkid #andhecanturntwo
Social media/music platform, the Internet
That invite you just received—it’s to this. Accept it. MB
#everyoneisadj #everyoneisanavatar


Powers Gold Label
Irish whiskey, Tavern Law
Cheaper and smoother. Why would anyone ever go back? MB
#sorryjameson #sorryliver


By Mark Baumgarten, Emily Griffin (, Marc Kenison (Waxie Moon), Karim Panni (Quality Control/the Boom Bap Project) and Jonathan Zwickel