See It This Week

Yellow Fish goes long, Bumbershoot goes pop, Björk goes drag, Gaytheist rocks, Greenwood gets its own Music Crawl and more

Pit Stop

Tuesday, Aug. 28

Pit Stop

Veteran director Jack Hill cut his teeth on everything from the masterful horror comedy Spider Baby to Pam Grier action flicks to Switchblade Sisters. This 1968 action-drama set in the cutthroat world of stock car racing is one of his best, showcasing some jaw-dropping car stunts and a great cast including Sid Haig, Ellen Burstyn and Brian Donlevy. —Tony Kay
Grand Illusion Cinema

Wednesday, Aug. 29

LIMITS presents H (Hallway, extended mix)

You shouldn’t miss anything by inimitable artist/dancer Corrie Befort and LIMITS, her collaboration with sound artist Jason E. Anderson, is presenting as part of Yellow Fish Durational Performance Art Festival. Their three-hour cross-disciplinary work features a phenomenal lineup of dancers and promises to be a disorienting, sensorial, sci-fi experience. Prepare to be transported. —Kaitlin McCarthy


Thursday, Aug. 30

2018 Mayor’s Arts Awards

Come celebrate the recipients of the 2018 Mayor’s Arts Awards! Tarik Abdullah, Paula Boggs, Fulgencio Lazo, Jorge Enrique González Pacheco and Karen P. Thomas have all shaped Seattle’s cultural landscape through their contributions to community, education, arts and race and social justice. The ceremony begins at 4 p.m. at the Mural Amphitheatre and the reception follows at 5 p.m. at the Fisher Pavilion rooftop. RSVP required.
Seattle Center (Mural Amphitheatre and Fisher Pavilion rooftop)

Friday, Aug. 31

Garek J Druss: “Thresholds Embrace

I’m looking forward to this live Yellow Fish presentation of audio/video piece “Thresholds Embrace (1948-2018)” by one-time Seattlite, now LA-based composer, musician and visual artist Garek Druss. His is the stuff of super-corporeal, out-of-body, ecstatic experiences, vibes you can see and feel pulsing through the floor, through the soles of your feet, to make your hair stand on end in the most delicious way. —Amanda Manitach

Friday, Aug. 31 – Sunday, Sept. 2


Like pretty much every cherished childhood memory of Seattle, Bumbershoot has grown up and gone corporate. You will now pay handsomely for the privilege of pushing past selfie-ing tweens to see a certifiably killer lineup of pop superstars alongside underground faves: Ludacris, Lil Wayne, Fleet Foxes, SZA, Portugal. the Man, Knife Knights, Blondie, Phoenix, Great Grandpa, Poolside, DoNormaal and dozens more. —Jonathan Zwickel
Seattle Center

Saturday, Sept. 1

Gaythiest, Glose

The best bands among the Northwest’s latest generation of heavy rock have replaced a sense of dread with a sense of humor, and Portland’s Gaythiest might be the wryest of the bunch. Bandleader-singer-guitarist-tituar-gay-atheist Jason Rivera’s Chaplin mustache and paperboy cap evoke a Vaudevillian busboy more than a blistering shred hog, but that said, the trio is no joke: These guys know their way around a wrecking-ball hook. —Jonathan Zwickel

Saturday, Sept. 1

Human Behaviour: Drag Does Björk

The depth and experimental ingenuity of Seattle’s drag community never cease to amaze me, so I can only imagine what the likes of Miss Texas 1988, Americano and Irene Dubois are working up for this tribute to Icelandic singer/songwriter, actress, avant-gardestress and exposed artistic nerve Björk—especially when you consider that the swan dress is basically the tamest thing she’s ever worn.  —Gemma Wilson
Timbre Room

Sunday, Sept. 2

Greenwood Music Crawl

You could plunk down half of this month’s mortgage on Bumbershoot. Or you could jaunt north to Greenwood and spend 1/12 of that on a music festival showcasing fab local bands including performance-art/heavy rockers Monsterwatch, spastic no-wavers Hellbat, Seattle shoegazers Black Nite Crash and tons more. The choice is yours. —Tony Kay
Various Greenwood and Phinney Ridge venues

Sunday, Sept. 2

Haunting Renditions: Plugged in with Eliot Glazer

If you need a break from the Music Festival Vibes at Bumbershoot but not a break from the music, go check out Haunting Renditions. The long-running NY- and LA-based comedy music showcase by comedian, TV writer and Broad City brother Eliot Glazer takes terrible pop songs and presents them with gorgeous, earnest, well-orchestrated intensity. And Glazer can sing. —Gemma Wilson
The Vera Project