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Women, Weed and Wifi


Women.Weed.WiFi (WWW) is a Seattle-based, female-run art collective that shares the love of weed and female energy. WWW produces quarterly zines, pop-up shops at the Badwill Market and a blog where they “hope to both share our knowledge of the plant and extend a welcome into some of our haze-induced escapades.” The latest zine debuts this weekend.

The mission statement for WWW reads almost like a spiritual-mantra: “Together, we work to make the world a better place while simultaneously rejoicing in its magic. We uplift and inspire one another to continue on our highest paths. We love marijuana and celebrate the glory of the female plant who, like us, brings beauty and peace to those we touch. Weed unites us, elevates us and heals us.” Even though WWW is intrinsically female, men and non-binary people are encouraged to contribute and participate.

Founders Amanya Maloba and Janice Ibarra met at Ibarra’s first DJ set at Moksha, an art gallery and clothing boutique in the U-District, where they often host events and photo shoots. I recently photographed them at Moksha (slideshow below!), along with WWW collaborator Vanity Thomas. Amanya and Janice then answered a few questions via email.

How do weed, women and WiFi intersect?
WWW is basically our vision for the future. The future will be run by women, weed keeps us level and holds so many keys to a greater human enlightenment, and wifi is how we meet each other, learn, and make shit happen!

Why do you think it’s important for females to form collectives?
Probably the best part about being a part of a collective is always having a lot of support and inspiration. We do what we want creatively and we’re all there to help each other accomplish our artistic pursuits.

What inspired your latest zine’s theme—Hustle & Flow?
Hustle & Flow refers obviously to the movie of the same title, but also to our lifestyle of creating our own opportunities and the divine verses that continually speak through us. We wanted to see what being a boss, a hustler, a dreamer, etc. meant to others as well.

What are your other hustles?
Writing is my first artistic passion. I wrote a collection of vignettes, Harvest, and submitted it to a competition held by Vine Leaves Literary Journal (publishing group based in Greece/Australia) in 2014 and was selected as the grand finalist. Part of the prize included publication of Harvest, which can still be purchased on my website along with all major online booksellers. I am currently working on a novel and a collection of poetry.

Janice: I grew up performing on stage, whether public speaking or dancing or DJing. I thrive on elevating the hype and that live in-the-moment energy with people. DJing for me is never a calculated feeling, but a gut instinct, to curate based off a vibe which also stems from my approach to life: trusting my taste/following my intuition and letting my personality shine through to share and spread happiness. Aside from being a DJ, I always had a sincere interest in style, design, and providing a space to heal. I work at Moksha Seattle, teach yoga and run a personal online vintage shop. Music, the fluidity of yoga and fashion feed off each other and it’s cool that I can mix both worlds together.

How did WWW start and how has living in Seattle shaped it?
WWW developed very organically. It is really the result of a bunch of talented friends doing what we do anyway just on a platform. Being in Seattle has been everything to WWW from helping us meet each other (including our coordinator and administrator, Vanity Thomas) utilizing Washington’s cannabis industry, and being able to connect with the unique art communities within the city.

Who/what are your biggest influences?
Amanya: My biggest influence is myself because I embody all the spirits of the people who inspire/teach me, including, but not limited to, Frida Kahlo, Michael Jackson, Gabriel García Márquez, my loved ones, peers and my heritage.

Janice: To name a few, Lauryn Hill, Aaliyah, Malcolm X and Allan Watts. Ultimately though, my mother transmits and fuels my burning desire to do whatever my heart tugged on. She ran away from home in the Philippines at the age of 19 and when she reached America she started her own business.

What are your favorite strains of weed and why?
Amanya: If I had to choose just one it’d be Blue Dream and any hybrids of it, pretty much (especially Snoop’s Dream)! It is a classic strain, but it always makes me feel euphoric and relaxed. Plus it’s cool anytime of the day/night for me.

Janice: I love sativas that lock you into creative overdrive like Super Silver Haze or Chocolope. Blue Dream though always wins! It has a distinct sweet lavender smell and has a positive force.

Celebrate the divine force of feminine energy and get cosmically stoned with WWW at their Hustle & Flow zine launch on Friday, July 8 at the Old Rainier Brewery. The event features DJs Toya B, Cousin Chris, Luna God + surprise guests.

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