The Winter Art Walk Awards Are Coming!

The Winter Art Walk Awards are upon us! Mark your calendars for Thursday, Jan. 9 for another night of art, drinks, music and cash prizes at Sole Repair following Capitol Hill’s Blitz Art Walk.

Not familiar with the AWA? Each quarter three guest judges explore Seattle’s neighborhood artwalks and select six exhibited artworks as finalists. The night of the Art Walk Awards, attendees at the event will vote for the winners. The top three artworks will receive cash prizes and the first-place artwork will be featured in City Arts Magazine. RSVP here.  

This quarter’s judges are some of the who’s who of Seattle’s art scene. We’re lucky to have them and look forward to unveiling their final selections later this month!

C Davida Ingram is a writer and cultural worker who likes talking back, pushing envelopes and cultivating community. Follow her at @idebelle76 on Twitter.

What I’m looking for: It’s good to hold your cards up and say your aesthetic predilections: performance art, video and photography are my first loves artistically. Yet, painterly approaches to any medium win my heart. Work that complicates questions of whether good art can be politically progressive is something I search for, or perhaps anything that upsets dominant discourse via careful attention to the senses. The upside down world is not just for Alice in Wonderland.

Sharon Arnold is a Seattle-based curator, artist and writer. She studied printmaking and sculpture at Pratt Institute in New York and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Cornish College of the Arts, focusing on sculpture, art history, and philosophy. Ms. Arnold is founder of Bridge Productions/LxWxH and writes for her art blog Dimensions Variable and Art Nerd Seattle.

What I’m looking for: I’m not a person who’s in love with just anything simply because it’s art, but I am in love with everything. That’s not the same as being indiscriminate—I am very choosy about who I want to champion. I’m looking for ideas that are a step beyond the easily explainable—”oh, this is a lovely drawing” “look how they used that paint technique” “this is a formalist study” “that is very conceptual” “what a striking color”. I’m looking for work that tells a compelling story to anyone regardless of background. Are you a chef? Are you an engineer? Are you a janitor? I want what you want: impact. It doesn’t have to be emotional and it doesn’t have to be intellectual. It might be beautiful. Maybe. It should be more than that. It just has to hit me.

Host/producer/writer of “Art Zone with Nancy Guppy”, a weekly show promoting the local art scene that airs on Channel 21 & KCTS 9. Prior to “Art Zone”, Nancy spent 10 years as a writer/performer on KING TV’s late night comedy show, “Almost Live”.

What I’m looking for: I tend towards realism/representational work. Often it’s imagery that evokes strong emotion. One could say that I’m a sentimental sap or nostalgia freak. Both are true. But it’s often sentimentality that comes with a warning edge of danger—not a cozy image.