Who’s Playing Summit Block Party This Year?

Summit Block Party (4th annual)
Saturday, August 22

The Beach Boy. // Clutch Douglass // Detective Agency // Dræmhouse // Gang Cult // Iji // Koda Sequoia // Neighbors // RA Scion & Indica Jones // Sick Sad World // Song Sparrow Research // Tangerine // Terminal Fuzz Terror // Tomo Nakayama // Ubu Roi // Vats // Youryoungbody

With all the grumbling we’ve been hearing about gentrification, development and techbros, it’s good to know there are still pockets of DIY weirdness to be found on the Hill. Now in it’s fourth year, the Summit Block Party keeps it local and keeps it community-based. Located on that funky block of Summit Ave between E Howell and E Olive, the SBP embodies the original spirit of the Hill’s other, much bigger block party, before it succumbed to the mighty dollar—no fences, no fees, no massive touring acts, just a neighborhood gathering under the late-August skies for live music, food and maybe a skate trick or two.

(Also check out the 2015 Summit Block Party Fundraiser Show on July 21 at The Den in Chop Suey. Spirit Award, Transmissionary and Versing are playing, and 100% of the money from the door goes towards expenses like permit fees and insurance, and keeps the non-profit, volunteer-run event free.)