Creative Writing

What Critics are Saying

“Either a fraud of epic proportions or the final word on postmodernism.” —The Nation

“Dazzling…Exhilarating!” —LA Times

“A literary event.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Mind-blowing!” —Rolling Stone

“Brett Hamil has managed to write a column about nothing but itself…a closed loop whose preposterousness elevates 
it to high art.” —New York Times

“A deftly rendered portrait of a column as told by the column itself.” —

“The amazing thing about this column is that the blurbs themselves form a meta-narrative in the absence of any actual content…the effect is thoroughly engrossing.” —Jerusalem Post

“A thoroughly postmodern examination 
of a culture on the verge of collapse.” 
—Harper’s Magazine

“Ballsy and brilliant!” —

“The only column ever written that took less effort to write than it does to read.” 

“Maddeningly…brilliant.” —E! Online

“While other critics might…deride Hamil’s selective quotations and his…liberal use of ellipses…I contend that he has created…nothing short of a…masterpiece.” —San Francisco Chronicle

“…reveals onion-like layers of meaning upon multiple readings.” —Washington Post

“Portrays a range of critical voices with humor and originality.” —Boston Globe

“Painfully, powerfully elegant.” —Newsday

“Hamil makes both himself and the reader obsolete…a cataclysmic triumph.” 
—Daily Telegraph

“Hermetically sealed within the premise of his own column, Mr. Hamil is impervious to any meaningful criticism.” 
—Providence Journal

“Hamil is a genius!” —Entertainment Weekly

“A hall of mirrors with no exit.”—National Review

“A religious experience.” —Christian Science Monitor

“Either a fraud of epic proportions or the final word on postmodernism.” —The Nation

“It lays waste to the now-quaint notion that the author has any obligation to the reader.” —Village Voice

“Hamil has deftly threaded the needle…forcing the critic and the reader to do all the heavy lifting while he stands off to one side, laughing.” —Seattle Times

“Destined to become a classic!” 
—Toronto Star

“The only column I’ve ever read that compelled me to put quotes around the word ‘column.’” —Wall Street Journal

“Read it! You won’t be able to put it down!” –Newsweek

“A grand farce…Hamil is a literary P.T. Barnum.” –Miami Herald

“Don’t tell your friends the surprise ending!” –USA Today