Band Crush

Watch: Band Crush feat. Ruler & Cataldo

December’s Band Crush, which featured indie-rock brethren Ruler and Cataldo in an unprecedented live collaboration, was connected to the previous two installments by a clear theme: the theme of no theme. Aside from the overarching concept—one band chooses their crush and the two are given free rein to approach the performance—each of these shows has been entirely different. I’d like to say we planned Band Crush to be that eclectic, that surprising, but the truth is artists will art and there’s no predicting how it might go. Each new direction has offered a different kind of beauty and insight into the creative process.

Cataldo’s Eric Anderson and Ruler’s Matt Batey have known each other for years, playing on each other’s albums and in each other’s live bands and generally informing each other’s musical outlook. The keyboardist they usually share fell ill a few days before the gig and the pair almost canceled, but instead reconfigured their lineups to share a bassist and split between two drummers; the frontmen would perform on acoustic guitar. It was a last-minute audible and, as you’ll see in the videos below, it was magic.

The other thing you’ll see is the disarmingly charming rapport between Batey and Anderson. Their brotherly bond is what set this BC apart from the previous versions, and their Olympic-level banter revealed the mechanics behind their music as well as a fair amount of anxiety and bravado behind their professional careers. Previously we saw Will Jordan and Andrew Joslyn step out from their usual studio-hermit roles and their comfort zone to experiment in the live setting and, in the first-ever Band Crush, the True Loves and Industrial Revelation merge their years-long friendships into one sweaty, extrasensory mass of soul-jazz jams. Cataldo and Ruler’s night was all about the intimate moments.

Watch the videos below and save the date for our next Band Crush, featuring Prom Queen and the Black Tones, at Piranha Shop Feb. 10.

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