Video Premiere: Two from Tenderfoot

The Seattle "art-folk" band reveals a pair of songs from their upcoming LP.

I’ve been mad for Tenderfoot since way back in January of 2014, when I included the song “Do It My Love” in my Attractive Singles column. Later that year, City Arts included Tenderfoot frontman and multi-talented gentleman artist Adam Boehmer in our annual Future List issue. Since then, the band has been relatively quiet as Boehmer pursued other artistic interests, though I’ve caught several of their shows—quiet, intimate, luscious—at offbeat venues around the city.

Turns out Tenderfoot, now a quartet, has been working with producer Aaron Schroeder, formerly of BLDGS Studio, on their debut full-length, which they’ll release this fall. As a preview, they created a pair of videos shot during a private live performance on a rooftop in downtown Seattle. “Getting There” and “Breaking Apart” are gorgeous songs, simple and elegant and direct, and their accompanying videos are in the same style. “They were definitely created as a pair, and we’d love them to be presented that way if possible,” wrote Boehmer in an email. So here they are. We couldn’t be more thrilled to premiere them here today. And stay tuned for more Tenderfoot soon.