Video Premiere: Song Sparrow Research’s “All You Need To Know”

Song Sparrow Research‘s lush blend of folk-psych-chamber rock is hitting Summit Block Party this weekend (they take the stage on Saturday at 2:20 pm) replete with a signature surfeit of strings, including glockenspiel and upright bass. The performance comes on the heels of their album Sympathetic Buzz, released earlier this July, and their latest video, “All You Need To Know.”

The band’s frontman Hamilton Boyce and filmmaker Patrick Richardson Wright had been talking since last year about collaborating on a music video for the album. “Concept ideas were all over the place,” says Wright, “but one thing we agreed on is featuring a solo dancer.”

Wright suggested Molly Sides (our August cover feature) for the part, knowing she could improvise a piece of choreography with little direction. In May they met at a studio space in Pioneer Square—just Sides, Boyce, Wright and his camera and “All You Need To Know” playing on a small stereo. They shot six takes and called it good.

“Molly hadn’t listened to the track beforehand,” Wright says, “which is certainly a testament to her being able to create visually interesting movement on the fly.”