Video Premiere: “Grown Man” by Fly Moon Royalty

We’ve always known Adra Boo as a major talent. As frontlady for Fly Moon Royalty, Boo is queenly in her on-stage bearing and ferocious with her voice. Simply put, she’s a badass. Over the last five years, Boo and producer/MC Action Jackson have elevated Fly Moon Royalty into one of Seattle’s highest-profile soul outfits, blending R&B classicism with booming hip-hop bravado over the course of their debut LP and a slew of singles and EPs. 

But the star of FMR’s latest video—the gritty, soulful “Grown Man,” which we’re proud to premiere today—is Chanicka Culcleasure.

Billed as “Little Adra” in the credits, young Culcleasure is a budding Seattle actor who plays a feisty omniscient narrator in the video, describing the central conflict with a bag of popcorn in hand. Her vocal delivery—lip-synced, certainly, but spot-on—screams diva-in-training. Simply put, Culcleasure steals the show. Which is no small feat given the clip’s sharp adult actors, vivid storyline and cinematic treatment courtesy director Bryan Campbell.

Check it out for yourself:

Fly Moon Royalty’s Delicious Trouble comes out April 22. They celebrate the album release that night with a show at Chop Suey alongside Breaks and Swells, CoCo Columbia and J Justice.