Video Premiere: “In the Background” by Eggshells

Lo-fi in look and sound, "In the Background" will stick with you.
Back in November of last year, I gushed about Eggshells in Attractive Singles, writing that the band’s debut single “hums on an understated, slacker vibe, ready for blasting on cassette in a hotboxed Chevy Beretta.” The second single from the album, “In the Background,” bumps along with similar throwback nonchalance, countered by the meticulous attention paid by brothers Peter and Benjamin Verdoes to sweet melodic interplay. Even with very little going on, the song is a sugar-coated earworm that’ll stay with you long after the last drum-machine beat.
In advance of Eggshells’ show at the Rendezvous tonight, we premier the video for “In the Background,” an appropriately endearing, low-effort affair. Footage is culled from the Verdoes family VHS collection, reeling back to the ’90s (go Sonics!), plus a recent game of one-on-one between the brothers. 
Says Peter, “The basic idea is dreams and identities we have as children and specifically our relationship through a sport. The song is about having a strange push-and-pull with wanting to get away from but deeply connect with others.”

Catch Eggshells, with Peter and Benjamin Verdoes, along with A Weekend at the Feelies and Pageant tonight at the Rendezvous.