Trill at Martyr Sauce, Anastacia-Reneé’s book release, ‘Jaws,’ impossible places in ‘UNVIRTUAL’ and more

Neon Saltwater's show 'UNVIRTUAL" takes over Glass Box Gallery

Wednesday, July 5

Oh, I Get It

This short doc by Danny Tayara and Sara McCaslin exposes the challenges facing queer comedians doing stand-up and explores how some Seattle-based queer comics are working to change that climate. Following the screening, Seattle treasures Ijeoma Oluo and El Sanchez, who appear in the film, will join Tayara for a panel discussion. —Gemma Wilson
Seattle Public Library (downtown)

Wednesday, July 5

Clarion West presents John Chu

A reading and Q&A with microprocessor architect, translator and Hugo Award-winner John Chu, who writes in a unique style blending science fiction and magical realism. —Sarah Galvin
University Book Store

Thursday, July 6

Jaws/Jaws 3-D Double Feature

For me, nothing says summertime like movies about ravenous killer animals. Bless SIFF for this ace double-bill featuring Steven Spielberg’s classic 1975 career-defining shark-attack thriller, and the really damn silly but undeniably entertaining 1983 sequel in newly-restored 3-D. —Tony Kay
SIFF Cinema Uptown

Thursday, July 6

The Central Comedy Show featuring Billy Wayne Davis

We love the Central Comedy Show and we love Billy Wayne Davis, ergo: no-brainer. The Nashville native and former Seattleite was on Conan in January and his debut album was released last year on uber-cool Third Man Records. Get onboard the Billy Wayne train. —Brett Hamil
Central Cinema

Thursday, July 6

For The ’90s and 2000s

Trill—the trio of painter Aramis Hamer, multi-media artist Kamari Bright and poet Blu the Baqi—have linked up to create a body of art that pays homage to the golden era of hip-hop. Come out to see some art work bling bling, a freestyle cypher and more. —Barry Johnson
Martyr Sauce

Thursday, July 6


The artist known as Neon Saltwater (aka Abby Dougherty) is mesmerized by the haunted ruins of American malls and other uncanny, unpeopled places. For her solo exhibit UNVIRTUAL, she’s recreating these impossible places—hotel rooms and empty shops washed in pastel pink and melancholy lavender—as VR environments to explore, along with a suite of exquisite 3-D renderings. —Amanda Manitach
Glass Box Gallery

Friday, July 7

Sandrider, Dust Moth, X Suns

This three-band bill (pardon the pun) amplifies how many dimensions of loud, hard music sprout from the local soil. Headliners Sandrider bash out heavy-as-fuck hard rock with a bludgeoning monster backbeat. Dust Moth combines near-metallic crunch with Irene Barber’s clarion shoegazer vocals, while X Suns proffer Explosions in the Sky-esque epic instrumental soundscapes. —Tony Kay
Sunset Tavern

Saturday, July 8


Goats are pretty hot right now, right? So it just makes sense they would have their own sporting event. The Goatalympics promises a variety of races and obstacle courses as well as competitions for best trick, longest beard and best costume, all starring our charming, yet creepy, goaty brethren. Kiss the goat. —Dan Paulus
Evergreen State Fairgrounds

Saturday, July 8

Anastacia-Reneé’s Gramma Book Release

Anastacia-Reneé celebrates one of THREE summer book publications, (v.), by reading with Tommy Pico, Imani Sims, Reagan Jackson and (conflict-of-interest alert) me, topped with a performance by Namii, Betty Wetter and possibly (probably) a few surprises. Hint: She really really loved school lunch as a child. —Sarah Galvin

Sunday, July 9

Quintron & Miss Pussycat

Hailing from New Orleans, Quintron & Miss Pussycat perform sweaty, debauched electro-punk, incorporating many of Quintron’s own homemade instruments—the Spit Machine, the Weather Warlock, the Drum Buddy—plus a few conventional ones, all of which Quintron plays by himself while Miss P handles the maracas and puppet show. They’ve been at it for more than a decade: weird, wonderful and quintessentially Crescent City. —Jonathan Zwickel
Sunset Tavern