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Timber Outdoor Music Festival: Lemolo, The Helio Sequence and More

The first ever Timber Outdoor Music Festival, held at Tolt MacDonald Park in the town of Carnation, went off without a hitch. It was an intimate affair in a beautiful setting, with the Campfire stage nestled in the trees and the Main Stage surrounded by mountains. It felt like a sort of summer camp for adults, though there were a ton of kids enjoying the music as well. It was nice to know that I wouldn’t have to sacrifice seeing one band for another or running between stages since each band played one after the other. So, I packed up my camera and headed to Carnation to capture some visual highlights from up in the woods:

The Passenger String Quartet had the busiest schedule out of anyone, accompanying three bands over both days, but first they kicked off the fest with their own solo set.


Passenger String Quartet

Bryan John Appleby treated the crowd to new songs off his forthcoming album, and played a beautiful cover of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence” as the final rays of sunlight filtered through the trees, bringing an appropriately moody feeling to the wooded stage setting.


Bryan John Appleby

I headed indoors to Pete’s Club Grill for two extremely loud sets, Baltic Cousins followed by Hobosexual. Baltic Cousins’ folk/punk sound had me hooked from the beginning and Hobosexual’s heavy blues-rock set did not disappoint.


Baltic Cousins



Day two boasted so many highlights that it’s been difficult to really narrow it down. However, hearing Lemolo’s dreamy pop songs surrounded by sun, trees, and mountains was the perfect combination.



Kithkin is a band with constant energy. Climbing amps, stomping into the crowd, and joined by Kendra from Lemolo in a pseudo-drum circle session, it was the first set to bring people up from their blankets to the front of the Main Stage.



 A bald eagle flew over Quasi’s set that prompted drummer Janet Weiss to state, “We’re bald eagle rock now”. 



Fruit Bats, who are coming up on the tenth anniversary of their debut album, had a good portion of the crowd dancing during their early evening set, and it was a party atmosphere ’til the end.


Fruit Bats

Everyone packed in to hear The Helio Sequence close out the weekend’s Main Stage performers. They played songs spanning across their albums, including one song never before played live, and the band proved to be a favorite among the crowd.



Helio Sequence

Photos by Beth Crook