Finding Empathy in ‘Disclosure’

Stephanie Peirolo premieres a one-woman show, inspired by her stories of sexual harassment in the advertising world, this weekend at 18th and Union.

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The Vapors

C. Rosalind Bell in her garden. Photo by Elizabeth Crook

“Tacoma is a writer’s town. It’s true, writers need pen and paper. They also need huge chunks of noodling time, of sequester, a void in which to wander. And just as much we need community.”

Tacoma: City in Flux

Lourdes Jackson paints “Flower Power,” a mural presented by Spaceworks, at 11th Street and Market Street last month. The piece is a birthday gift for Jackson’s six-year-old daughter, Adriauna, who also served as the model and muse for the work. “At the bottom [of the mural] the two of us free-styled on the wall in an attempt to open her creative freedom on a larger canvas than usual,” says Jackson, who typically works as a graphic designer and fine artist. Photo by Silong Chhun

For more than two decades, Tacoma has used arts as a tool. What if it has become a weapon?