Taste Test

Taste Test with Xin Wong

Xin Wong

Don’t try to pin down Xin Wong—the stylish jack-of-all-trades accumulates his interests and aesthetics through ceaseless international wandering. Wong was born in the blue-collar Chinese town of Guangzhou, infatuated with the British musical and sartorial influence on nearby Hong Kong, and spent time in Berlin, Tokyo and Melbourne, Australia, before moving to Seattle in 2004. He keeps close ties to Hong Kong’s flourishing arts community, Berlin’s gallery scene and Seattle’s design world, traveling often and sharing his discoveries with friends. His mantra: “Art is to educate people.”

Noguchi coffee table

Center Piece

I cannot live without my Noguchi coffee table. 
It looks like a piece of art in the center of my living room.

Virtual Insanity

Jess Johnson is an artist from New Zealand based in New York. I saw her artwork in Art Basel Hong Kong last year and was hooked by a piece called Platform Masters, which looks like an alternate universe of ’90s video games and fantasy sci-fi.


Enlightened Travel

For anyone visiting Hong Kong, I suggest going to the Big Buddha, especially during the week when it’s quiet. You climb 268 steps to get to a giant Buddha statue on top of a mountain, and once you’re up there you can see the city and the Pacific Ocean.

Times Two

My Soloist watch is modeled after an old Rolex and Omega Speedmaster—the designer, Takahiro Miyashita, basically combined two watches together.

Pure Mood

I found out about this new-age musician called Laraaji from the Light in the Attic compilation I Am the Center that came out a few years ago. He’s not normal new age music, like Enya or Yanni—he’s much more atmospheric and subtle.