Taste Test With Rachel Belle

Photo by Kelly O

We were the family that asks what’s for lunch at breakfast when we’re on vacation,” says Rachel Belle, whose love of food drives her professional life as a writer, KIRO radio personality and host of the James Beard Award-nominated podcast Your Last Meal, itself inspired by a long-ago encounter with a website listing every last meal for inmates executed by the state of Texas. Whatever the format, Belle’s candid, more-than-a-little-sarcastic personality shines through, as does her appetite for all the good stuff, including travel, people, nature, dancing, fashion—and roller-skating at Lynnwood Bowl & Skate.


Last year I took my first solo vacation abroad and walked the last 100km of the Camino de Santiago, a pilgrimage across northern Spain. After the trek, I hopped a bus to a surfing and yoga camp in a quaint, beachy Portuguese village called Ericeira.


I just got back from Banff National Park where my boyfriend and I used our new Tentsile Tree Tent. It’s the most fun thing ever: The three-corner tent ties to three trees and you float above the ground, no sleeping pad required.


We recently bought an Uuni 3 wood-fired pizza oven for my roof and are obsessed with having pizza parties. It’s just big enough for one pie but gets up to 932 degrees and produces bubbly, blistery restaurant-style pies in a couple of minutes


I am very loyal to the chewy, hand-shaved noodles at Seven Stars Pepper in the ID and have spent many Jewish Christmases there. A couple years ago they even let me light my menorah at the table!


The centerpiece of my living room is a big, beautiful macramé piece made by my talented friend Ashley Campbell of The Beige Motel.