Taste Test with Phillip Chavira

Phillip Chavira Photo by Kelly O

Intiman Theatre hit Phillip Chavira’s radar while he was working as a theatre producer in New York. “They’re just as mission-driven as I am,” says Chavira, who joined Intiman as executive director early last year. “That was a big reason I came out here.” Chavira’s personal mission galvanized while working as part of the producing team behind the groundbreaking Broadway play Eclipsed, whose cast, director and playwright were all women of color. “I want to make sure that there are people of color on stage, that there are people of color writing the works, that we’re creating new works for the world to hear.”

Power Pose

Every week, I take a 6:30 a.m. class at 8 Limbs Yoga with my friend Bob Evans, who was on the Pride Foundation Board and is now on the Seattle Children’s Theatre board. We do yoga, we have breakfast at Glo’s, we talk about the gay community, philanthropy, nonprofits. It feeds my soul.

Sugar Sugar

One of my favorite bakeries is Sweet Haven Desserts, owned by an actress named Dedra Woods. She just baked some treats for the Intiman office and one tasted like a red velvet chocolate fudge brownie with buttercream frosting and it was incredible.

Vintage Smorgasbord

When I first moved here I went straight to the Fremont Vintage Mall. It’s such a cool space with so many different sellers—I can always find something I want to buy there.

Happy Camp-er

Peaches Christ shows at the Egyptian are so cool. It’s a queer audience, ready to laugh and be silly, with unlimited drag queens on stage being campy, and you get to watch a remake of a show you probably know. It’s so fun.

What Line?

One thing I never ever forget when I travel is my Global Entry Card. It’s one of the best things I have ever done.