Taste Test

Taste Test With Kari Brunson

Photo by Kelly O

Kari Brunson’s former career as a professional dancer and her current career in the food industry have a lot in common. “It’s about discipline, not just about being creative,” says Brunson, the owner of Juicebox Café and co-owner of plant-based ice cream shops Frankie & Jo’s. Food started out as a hobby for Brunson; after retiring from Pacific Northwest Ballet she spent years learning to cook before opening Juicebox. “We have so many regular customers it’s almost like a Cheers bar,” she says. “I like that culture. It’s not about one-size-fits-all, it’s about one-size-fits-one.”

Quality Control

I love Manolin for anything. I love places where I feel like a regular even if I’ve never been there. The food isn’t only visually appealing, it’s delicious, and everything is thought out—like, there are the perfect amount of plantain chips for the ceviche.


Ongoing Education

I’ve been obsessed with the Harvard Business Review’s 10 Must Reads series. Each one has 10 articles by 10 authors all on the same topic. I’m currently reading one on Managing Yourself, and there’s ones on leadership, marketing, emotional intelligence…I can’t get enough.

Once A Dancer…

I still love going to Pacific Northwest Ballet to watch my remaining colleagues kill it almost a decade after my retirement. My best friend Lindsi Dec is a mother and turning 37 this year, and every year she gets better. It’s incredible to witness.

Blender Goals

I could never live without my Vitamix. We use it daily, and not just for smoothies: We make hot sauce, dips and dressings, spice mixtures and soups.


Outdoor Pajamas

Give me any women-owned, ethical, sustainable brand. I currently have nine (um, yes) one-piece jumpsuits, and the one I wear most is the Coverall from OZMA of California. They’re so comfortable, and I feel like I can wear it out at night or dress it down during the day.