Taste Test

Taste Test With Jordan Nicholson

Photo by Kelly O

In high school, a camera was just this box that could capture a moment, and then you could take that moment with you forever—and that was interesting to me,” says artist and photographer Jordan Nicholson. He’s since photographed artists such as Drake and Chance the Rapper, and recently returned from documenting record label H1GHR Music’s first-anniversary festival in Seoul. “My first trip to Korea was surreal,” he says. “Like, wow, this thing I picked up when I was 14 has somehow taken me to the other side of planet Earth.”


The Ricoh GR Digital II is my go-to travel camera! The design is great, it feels nice in your hands and is very inconspicuous. I love getting candid street snaps while traveling and this camera is perfect for that.


Hongdae is one of my favorite areas in Seoul. I have a mild addiction to clothing and here you find pieces you won’t find in America at very good prices. There’s also plenty of restaurants, street performances and nightclubs if you’re looking to turn up!


If you like the strokes you can get with watercolors or ink but don’t want to deal with carrying around extra stuff, the Pentel Arts Pocket Brush Pen is the pen for you. The different line weights you can get with it are amazing.


One of my favorite shops for clothing is Federal Army & Navy Surplus in Belltown. They’ve got really cool (and very durable) jackets, pants and accessories. Some of the core pieces of my wardrobe are from this place.


I love bubble tea. A lot. Seattle Best Tea is on King St. in the International District and the flavor of their classic black milk tea is, as their name suggests,
the best.