Taste Test

Taste Test with Briaan Barron

Photo By Kelly O

“Translating complicated information into something cool, creative and compelling,” is how Briaan Barron describes the throughline of her work, be it as brand manager for chocolate company jcoco, her own marketing business Branding by Bri or her new lifestyle blog Floating Grove, where she finally puts herself center stage. Barron’s gift for authentic writing belies her first artistic loves, drawing and singing; her boundless appetite for creativity and collaboration, helping people realize their passions, led to her career in marketing. “You need every creative medium to do it effectively,” she says.


Sugar Sugar

My sweet tooth is like whoa, so I’m a big fan of Shug’s Soda Fountain in Pike Place. They’ve got a boozy dessert menu so hefty it could rival Cheesecake Factory. I hosted my birthday party there this year and it was perfect.

Statement Fashion

When I’m looking for some drama, I check Nakimuli—they know how to work a pattern and a fun silhouette. Whenever I find a Black-owned or woman-owned fashion brand that I jive with, it’s a plus.

Ahoy, Pixies

One of my favorite destinations in the world (so far) is this restaurant called Home Kitchen, Bar & Bed in Thailand. The only way I can think to describe the interior is like if a pirate ship were commandeered by rogue fairies.

Otieno Terry

Mood Elevator

Last summer I listened to “Love16” by Otieno Terry I don’t know how many times. That song is a vacation in sound. It traverses, like, three different moods over the course of a couple minutes, and they’re all good moods.

Bright Spirits

My favorite local distiller is Sun Liquor, and I specifically stan for their Sun Rum Barrel Aged. It’s got that classic rum sweetness but it’s enrobed in this super smoky flavor.