Taste Test

Taste Test with Marianne Goldin

Marianne Goldin

I’m a social sciences nerd at heart,” says Marianne Goldin, which explains the curiosity with which she navigates art and advertising. Born in Ukraine, moved to Seattle 20 years ago, and grad-schooled in Marseille, France, Goldin is by day a senior strategist at Wunderman, developing multi-platform campaigns for Microsoft and T-Mobile. In the evenings you can find her spinning records at Am I Normal, her monthly Francophilic DJ night at Revolver. Her art also tends toward the socially oriented; she recently spent two months in Europe sketching strangers. This month she launches CHANNEL, Seattle’s first-ever record label festival, July 16 at Fred Wildlife Refuge.

Radiant City

Le Corbusier was probably a very rational architect, but when you go inside his Cité Radieuse, a beautiful midcentury housing development in Marseille, it feels like a modern temple to some spiritual practice I don’t have words for.

Blu Dot Model 51 desk

Power Seat

I invested in a white Blu Dot Model 51 desk, meaning I paid someone on Craigslist more than I usually would for it. Sitting at it, I feel like the mogul of a company that sells flavored air.

Jordan Rundle poster

Poster Boy

Jordan Rundle is a graphic designer and fellow CHANNEL organizer who creates stuff that makes my retinas feel like they are being alternately massaged and bled.

Vue glasses


Never thought I would say it, 
but my pair of handmade black metal 
Vue dc… glasses that I got at Ottica downtown kind of changed my life.