Taste Test

Taste Test with Laura Cassidy

Laura Cassidy

In a single sentence, Laura Cassidy sums up her entire professional history: “I got tired of writing about music and got sick of writing about food, but I haven’t gotten tired of writing about designers and the way we present ourselves in the world.” After 15 years as a lifestyle journalist, first as an editor at Seattle Weekly and then as style editor at Seattle Metropolitan, the Anacortes native became senior editor of creative projects at Nordstrom in 2014. Now she applies her keen eye to global design trends, writing editorial content around special projects like Nordstrom’s cutting edge Space and Pop-In shops. Seems like the right fit.

Good Sport

The sweatshirt I’m wearing in the photo is by Undercover. [Lead designer] Jun Takahashi is having a moment right now; people are looking at his aesthetic, this interesting combination of architecture and engineering with an element of playfulness and street language.

Slice It

Anyone who’s into super hot-oven Italian-style pizza should try Osteria da Primo in Burien. The place is owned by a local woman that studied abroad in Italy and fell in love with a guy from Calabria; they came back and opened this homey little restaurant.

Chadhaus Bed

Stylish Sleep

We have a bed from Chadhaus, which is a guy in Ballard that does beautiful, simple, clean-lined modern furniture, all with beautiful wood.

Taste Ceramics

Kiln In

Ceramics are such a thing right now, and I love that we’re all re-connecting with their earthy and usable qualities. But Ria Leigh’s work is different—bold and colorful, abstract and intellectually rooted at the same time. People stop me when I’m wearing her pieces or when they see them in my house.


Frontier Fancy

The Geiser Grand Hotel—this big, beautiful hotel in Baker City, Ore.—
was built at the turn of the century and falling apart in the ’60s or ’70s, so they rescued it and returned it to its glory. The town feels really romantic, like that would’ve been a nice time to pioneer the West.