Taste Test

Taste Test with Jessica Estrada

Jessica Estrada

Nine years ago, while working at the Seattle Chamber of Commerce, Jessica Estrada launched her blog, Fresh Jess, to document her adventures through Seattle and her encounters with the city’s small business owners, makers, chefs and mixologists. For the last three years she’s been digital media manager for one of the city’s most prominent family foundations. “Sometimes it’s hard having no lines drawn,” she says of her work-life overlap, “but I love living in a space where I get to share the things that I care about.”

Shoe biz
There’s a Netflix series called Abstract and episode 2 features Nike’s lead footwear designer Tinker Hatfield. He’s the design godfather of Nike and the way he tells history is rooted in the Northwest through and through.

Northwest original
My prized possession is a faux-fur coat that I found at the Goodwill Glitter Sale. It’s an old Nordstrom brand, a tan wool coat with fur trim around the neck, and it’s impeccable. The Nordstrom logo inside is nostalgia for me.

My Sonos is my favorite thing in my house. It’s been worth every penny. The sound quality is great, and they’ve deepened their relationship with Spotify so it integrates with other parts of my life.

Island style
I went to the Seattle Asian American Film Festival saw a documentary about Hawaiian graffiti culture called Mele Murals. Sabzi from Blue Scholars did all the music. The story was very much a part of American culture, but it’s fascinating how it also comes from Hawaiian history.

Out there
Octavia Butler’s three-book sci-fi series Xenogenesis is about aliens and how they live and breed with humans. It left a lasting impression on me.

Comfort food
Any time friends visit Seattle, Kraken Congee is top of my list. The old basement setting is so cozy, and I end up getting the pork belly adobo congee every time.