Taste Test with Elvia Carreon

Elvia Carreon

I like going back in time,” says Elvia Carreon, who dwells in the past for her work at a title support company, researching city documents on microfilm (“they’re all written by hand and they’re so beautiful!”) from the last 150 years. She’s also a freelance stylist, designing lavish interiors for events and wardrobes for photo shoots. A native of Modesto, Calif., Carreon moved to Seattle 18 years ago after a life-changing road trip. Since then she’s worked a series of gallery and boutique jobs to fund her offbeat lifestyle, “not doing things that most of society is doing.”

Paul Clipson film

Fantasy Film

Paul Clipson’s films are dreamlike—there’s no storyline but he works with film and edits in-camera, so they’re just beautiful. He came to town with Grouper and I saw some shorts he made at NWFF, and when Grouper performed at Washington Hall, his film was playing the whole time. 
It was a magical weekend.

Beat Scene

Tokimonsta is one of my favorite producers. I can either zone out or get shit done when I’m listening to her music. I love it all! How can anyone pick one favorite thing? How is that even possible?


Key Collection

I have a bunch of old typewriters that I use to write letters or bad poetry—Smith-Corona, Olivetti, one from Sears. I’ll leave paper in the typewriter and when friends come over I’m like, write something! 
It creates its own poem.

Comida Auténtica

I love the house taco at Tacos Chukis, prepared al pastor with pork adobada plus pineapple. The place is busier these days but it’s worth the wait.

Trench coat

Jacket Required

I have a trench coat in almost every color. Label doesn’t matter, I look for fit. I like them a little baggy. The one I wore today is from the army surplus store downtown. Twenty-four dollars!