Taste Test

Taste Test with Elisheba Johnson

Elisheba Johnson

As a manager of public art at the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture, Elisheba “Liz” Johnson is fulfilling a longtime personal mission. The Seattle native is herself a practicing artist who trained with fellow “artsy freaky people” in mixed-media and conceptual work at Cornish College of the Arts and owned Faire, a bar, gallery and intimate performance space on Capitol Hill that closed in 2012. “I wanted to make art accessible to everyone,” Johnson says, “and now I put art in the public realm.” Kismet.


I have five dresses by this Black designer on Etsy called Demestik out of St. Louis. He’s size-positive and I am too. I’ve actually found different Etsy designers from all over the world and I can send them my measurements and get something unique.

Bainbridge Museum of Art

Island Time

I’m looking forward to seeing what the Bainbridge Museum of Art does this year. Last year they had retrospectives by Marita Dingus and Barbara Earl Thomas. What’s up with Bainbridge having these awesome artists? 
It gives me a reason to take the ferry.

Wine house

I consider myself an amateur sommelier, and a couple friends and I started a POC wine-tasting club and we check out different spots. Poco on Capitol Hill is our favorite—good food, easy vibe, but we can get our snobby wine-tasting on.

Tim Marsden Wedgwood china

Always Art

My house and my cubicle are filled with art. I recently bought a piece by Tim Marsden from his show at E Gallery, this beautiful paper plate that he painted to look like Wedgewood china. I’m still trying to figure out how to hang it properly.