Taste Test with Drew Church

Drew Church

“This town has changed so much,” says fourth-generation Pacific Northwesterner Drew Church, which is why he wants to create institutions. Church and a few friends opened Hazlewood, the sophisticated but low-key Ballard cocktail bar, in 2005. The Intelligence, the rock band he plays bass in, has been around for 16 years. More recently, Church opened the tiki-themed Hotel Albatross in Ballard and Sisters and Brothers, a Georgetown dive bar and fried-chicken shack. These endeavors, he says, are “works of stubbornness.” We’re glad they’ve stuck around.

Choosy Booze

William Larue Weller Cask Strength comes out in November or December, and that’s the best bourbon ever put into a bottle. I usually get one bottle every year at Hazlewood and nobody knows what it is so I drink it most—
a quarter-ounce at a time.

Rock of Ages

The Intelligence tours twice a year in Europe and we wind up in some places you might never see. One of my favorites is called Gigors Electric in the French Alps. It’s a 16th century chicken coop that’s been turned into a concert venue, and it’s run by people who live in the mountains but also love rock ’n’ roll.


Old Light

When I opened Hazlewood, a friend of mine found a Marie Therese chandelier from the 1930s disassembled in a box. It was $30. That started an obsession with chandeliers and rebuilding them. I figured that’ll be my thing when I’m an old man. Instead of having a train set in the basement, I’ll build chandeliers.

Cheap Chic

I own more white suits than most people; my dry cleaner loves me. I have some vintage ones but a good disposable one from H&M costs $150. A little bit Tom Wolfe, sure, but probably more Warren Oates in Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia.

Filson jacket

Built to Last

Maybe it’s because I’m from the Northwest and their stuff was designed for our climate, 
but I love Filson. I have a mackinaw scarlet cruiser I wear six months out of the year.