Taste Test

Taste Test with Brian Paquette

Brian Paquette

After working from his apartment for years, interior designer Brian Paquette opened his flagship store and office on Sept. 1 in the Central District. At Home, as the 1,000-sq.-ft. space is called, allows the Rhode Island native to display an exclusive selection of furniture, artwork, textiles and accessories, all of which comprise his lushly detailed residential and commercial projects. “I want to push boundaries about how people think about design and sustainability,” says Paquette. “Intentional and slow is much better than fast and mass-produced.”

Great Dane

When I visited Copenhagen recently, I was like, I could cancel my return ticket and set up a new life here! The design scene is excellent and the juxtaposition between old and new is amazing.

Robin cookie

Sweet Treat

I live above Hello Robin on Capitol Hill. Robin is the sweetest person and her whole-wheat chocolate chip with sea salt is the best cookie in the entire world.

Dillon chair

Hot Seat

The Dillon Chair by Lawson-Fenning is my favorite go-to item for our projects and I also have one at home. There’s a fine line between looking good and being comfortable and this chair does both.

Jeremy Miranda painting

Intelligent Design

This guy I grew up with, Jeremy Miranda, and who I later lived in Portland with, is a painter who really captures East Coast/West Coast. He does these interior/exterior landscapes that are really transformative.

Uniform Look

Every year I get two or three Brooks Brothers cashmere navy blue sweaters and wear them almost every day. It could not be simpler or more comfortable or classic. I’m just a dude when it comes to fashion.