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Take a Peek at the 2015 ‘Pianos in the Parks’

Before being released into the wild of Seattle-area parks today, this year’s crop of 22 Pianos in the Park could be found at Gage Academy of Art, where they were being beautified for their big unveiling by Gage students, alumni and faculty. Photographer Bruce Clayton Tom stopped by Gage to snap some of the instruments as they were gussied up—check out a few of this year’s fun musical creations, then track down your favorite and make some music in the great outdoors.

“Sketchbook,” by George Jennings

“Urban Upright,” by Arica Schuett

“Ripping Music Pink and Blue,” by Kathleen Moore

“Dream a Dream,” by Kate Rose Johnson and Scott Johnson

“Classic Beauty,” by Josh Chuzi

“Monster Piano,” by Queenie Sunshine