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Sundance Cinemas Moves in to the University District

The building that once housed the Metro 10 theater in the U District now contains what is probably one of the city’s swankiest movie houses. Completely gutted and overhauled with locally sourced, upcycled, and  top-of-the-line materials, the theater now contains ten movie auditoriums, two bars, a lounge, and an art gallery. The 21 and over theater will offer cocktails and bistro-style fare to it’s moviegoers. Sundance Cinemas opens Friday July 19th.

The “green” theme is carried from the outside in, not only with the paint choice, but with building materials as well. 

A complete renovation of the building has transformed the theater in to an architectural masterpiece. Wood sourced from Bainbridge Island lines the second floor wall in the theater’s lobby.

Tickets can be purchased online, at the box office, or in the lobby using these fancy touch screens. All seats are reserved and can be chosen by the customer at the time of purchase using a seating chart.

A brand new bar in the lobby (lounge and overflow bar can be seen behind) will serve beer and food. Detailed tilework and reclaimed materials make up the bar’s construction.

An art gallery on the second floor will feature art from a different local artist each month.

While the theater still owns two 35mm projectors, movies will primarily be viewed via digital projectors.

During construction, the auditorium floors were completely torn out and rebuilt to be less steep and provide a better platform for viewing. All of the screens were raised, and new sound was installed throughout.

The new seats are molded from recycled plastic, covered with wool, and feature mahogony tables with armrests and cupholders.

Digital number plates in the floor help moviegoers find their reserved seats in the dark.

More legroom, walk-through aisles and more comfortable seating means room for fewer people; The theater’s capacity has dropped 45% from around 1100 people to just about 600. This added comfort and the fact that the theater plays no advertisements (trailers only, pre-show) means they will charge an amenity fee per ticket to cover those costs. The amenity fee varies from $0.00 – $3.00 depending on the day of the week and time of day (schedule can be viewed on the theaters website). A complete rundown of the theater’s amenities and services can be seen here.