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The Studios: A Triple-Threat Training Ground

When we first wrote about The Studios in September, the downtown facility was almost complete but the programming was still a work-in-progress: Finishing touches were being added, faculty and classes finalized before the official opening in early October. But the specs for The Studios, billed as an all-purpose training center for performers of all levels, were intriguing: sprung floors, custom ballet barres, LED lights, 10-foot-tall mirrors and much more. 

Now that the 10,000 square foot space is open for business, we wanted to see this impressive spot in use. Many of The Studio’s classes are regularly occurring but many are also one-off (or short-run) special events—but that’s the flexible nature of the business; teachers who are working professionals aren’t always going to be available. Photographer Bruce Clayton Tom headed down to the Times Square Building to catch a few of them in action, and give us a look at what The Studios has on tap these days. – Gemma Wilson

The Studios co-founder and performance veteran Shanna Waite leads an Intermediate/Advanced Theatre Dance class in The Studios’ gorgeous, light-drenched rehearsal space that looks out onto 5th Avenue.

Splashes of color liven up the otherwise spare, cleanly-designed facility. A glass wall is all that separates a small lounging area from a room with conditioning equipment; the space feels open, inclusive and comfortable—all musts for fostering community.

Alex Crozier, a member of Spectrum Dance Theatre and a Studios’ faculty member, leads a partnering class in another of the dance spaces. In addition to the street-level studio, a lower level houses five additional studios in various sizes.

Can you imagine the acoustics in this room? Composer and music director Nathan Young, one of Village Theatre’s primary music directors, leads an Ensemble Singing class here once a week.

Geoffrey Alm has long been Seattle’s go-to guy when it comes to stage combat. (Seriously, open a program for a show with stage fighting and chances are you’ll see his name.) At this particular class, he was teaching smallsword skills to an enthusiastic group. 

Back in the flexible ground-floor studio, Sam Picart leads a hip-hop dance class, enticingly visible from an upstairs lounge area.

Training center by day, performance space by night! Of course, The Studios is equipped (in this case, with awesome LED lighting) to show off talent as well as train it.