Spring Arts 2017

Your guide to this season’s most powerful performances in theatre and dance. 

On Seattle stages big and small this spring, artists are rattling the cage of tradition, remixing old classics and finding new ways to express themselves. In doing so, they’re not only joining important national and international conversations about art and politics, they’re saying, loud and clear, this is who we are. And as each individual point of view gets stronger, our collective voice only gets louder.

Jade Solomon Curtis

Black Like Me: An Exploration of the Word Nigger

For Jade Solomon Curtis, activism is the muse.



On feminism, fetishization and femininity with Keiko Green and Kaytlin McIntyre.

Here Lies Love

Here Lies Love

An immersive disco musical at Seattle Rep.


Promising Spring Dance

More great dance offerings on stage this season.

KT Niehoff

Before We Flew Like Birds We Flew Like Clouds

KT Niehoff on the human relationship to the body.

A Great Hunger

Jessica Jobaris is finding the beauty in loneliness.


Promising Spring Plays

More great theatre offerings on stage this season.

Secret Garden

The Secret Garden

The 5th Avenue Theatre refreshes a beloved musical adaptation of an even-more-beloved book.

Fringe Fest is Such a Drag

Do the Fringe

A few of the upcoming festival’s many highlights.


Cherdonna’s Doll’s House

A remix of the Ibsen classic at Washington Ensemble Theatre.

Karin Stevens

Record of the Anthropocene Movement

Seattle history meets Chinese philosophy in Karin Steven’s latest work.