Song Premiere: “Quotient” by Sax G

Augmenting this year’s Best New Music Issue is the Best New Music Mixtape, an online stream featuring a song by each of the 11 artists featured in the BNM package. Along with a concise-but-expansive sampling of Seattle’s fantastic musical talent, this year’s Mixtape also includes a world-premiere track: “Quotient” by Sax G. We couldn’t be more excited to pair with Hush Hush Records in sharing this deep-space soul jam with the world. 

“A quotient is the answer to a division problem,” says Sax. “With this song I was looking for a resolution to conclude the project. The sample is Sadé—I don’t know if I’ll get in trouble for that, but it’s chopped up—where she talks about the truth in her heart. She says, ‘The truth, the lies.’ I’m trying to find balance within that divide. You know when things get deep but dumb? Like, why am I analyzing this? I need to just live! If I just live I can figure it out.”

Read Jonathan Cunningham’s profile of Sax G. And listen to the world premiere of “Quotient” below.  

Photo by Blake Diamond