“Smoke by Day” Video by Real Don Music

Welcome to Planet of the Vapes

And another world-premiere video! City Arts presents “Smoke by Day” by Real Don Music, directed by Matthew Goodhue.

Words by Kirk Huffman of Real Don Music:

It was hot as shit in that suit! Matt and I developed the story idea and then he took me out to Joshua Tree and also a park called the Amboy Crater, both in the general area of southeastern California. We filmed over two days in late January and it was 75 to 80 degrees out there but being in the suit it was super hot. The director was making me do all kinds of crazy stuff, scale these peaks and crags, and there wasn’t a lot of standing room and the helmet bobs around and I’m in this this weird space suit carrying a space vaporizer.

The property we shot on was a corner of Joshua Tree and someone’s backyard. The family came out because they were interested in what we were doing: It’s the middle of January and a van rolls up and I get out in a space suit followed by a bunch of cameras. But they were super cool about using their land. They told us they have mountain cougars that come down right here, coyotes and stuff, but in late January all the rattlesnakes were dormant so it was extra good we were shooting then. It was one of the craziest things I’ve done. But it would’ve been twice as harsh if we did it some other time of the year.

The “Smoke by Day” video is from a single I put out a year ago and the “Emeralds and Angels” video took a year to make. These two videos will introduce the Real Don Music project visually even though the singles dropped awhile back. And then the digital release of the Dank Sinatra EP is this coming Monday and there’ll be a limited edition cassette release of the EP in addition to the EP being pressed on 12″. Those will surface in the next few weeks. But as my manager says, I don’t have an impetus to sell anything. I’m in this unique moment where I can focus on making cool pieces of art no matter how long it takes.