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Smash Putt: Speakeasy Golf in SODO

Smash Putt comes around once a year and when it does, you’d better jump on tickets, because they go fast. This year, 15 holes of fun await in a nondescript warehouse space in SODO. From power tools to high-powered pneumatic guns to scratch-and-sniff and unnavigable mazes, Smash Putt has things covered in the Crazy Golf Department. If you think it sounds tricky, add a fully stocked bar to the mix, and your night probably just got a little longer. Built by various artists, each hole is uniquely designed with varying degrees of difficulty. 

Players blast high velocity golf balls at targets in the “Driving Range”. 

At a Cold War-themed hole, a player avoids getting the bomb.

A scratch and sniff wheel was in full effect: Shoot the ball in to the hole corresponding to the scent.

Players took full advantage of the living room, which included fully-functioning video games. And a vaccum cleaner.

The Chaotic Noise Marching Band cruises through the course halfway through the night.

A player navigates his way through a series of alarmed lasers at “Mission Impossible”. 

Smash Putt runs through April 28th. Tickets are available only for each upcoming weekend.