ShabazzoCat Taco Palaces

Tacocat x Shabazz x the Goodship inside the historic Tokeland Hotel

In the opening of my January feature “Greener Pastures,” I described a project undertaken by the Goodship, Seattle’s most progressive marijuana edibles company, which brought Shabazz Palaces and Tacocat together in an old, haunted hotel in the tiny town of Tokeland for a weekend of elevated musical experimentation. The goal, according to Goodship founder Jody Hall, was to ensconce some of the Northwest’s most innovative artists in a creative crucible, fuel their fire with copious amounts of ganja, and take stock of the result. It was an extremely heady experience.

I could tell you more about it, but better you watch the short film that Goodship has premiered today. Director Austin Wilson takes a deep, weird look at what went down over three days inside the Tokeland Hotel, known forever as the Goodship Sessions Vol. I. Warning: This film may cause mild psychic disorientation.