Scarecrow Suggests: August 2016

The Lobster

Staff at the famous video store and nonprofit archive highlight the best in this month’s new DVD and Blu-ray releases.

Aug. 2
The Lobster
Yorgos Lanthimos, the Greek director who blew everyone away with 2009’s Dogtooth, returns with another delightfully uncomfortable film. Set in an unspecified future where romantic coupling is essential to society, we meet David (Colin Farrell). Left by his wife, David is sent to stay at The Hotel, where he has 45 days to find a partner or else be turned into the animal of his choice. This quiet dystopian drama is a beautiful, tragic look at what it takes to form a connection and what it means to be truly alone. –Emalie Soderback

The Girlfriend Experience: Season 1
Spun off from Steven Soderbergh’s feature film of the same name, this series follows young attorney Christine (Riley Keough) as she becomes enmeshed in the world of high-priced escorts. Whereas the film mostly dealt with the spiritual rot of transactional relationships, the show explores the way Christine feels financially and sexually empowered by her choices. –Matt Lynch

Aug. 9
McCabe & Mrs. Miller (Criterion Collection)
McCabe & Mrs. Miller is the best Western ever shot in the Pacific Northwest and it’s a seminal piece of ’70s filmmaking. Maverick director Robert Altman brought the production north to West Vancouver, B.C., where he built a frontier town to tell the story of a gambler (Warren Beatty) and a madam (Julie Christie) who unwittingly fight the emerging capitalism of the new West. –Mark Steiner

Aug. 23
3 Bad Men
This one is John Ford’s best silent film and one of his greatest Westerns. The titular men are outlaws who happen upon an innocent but tough woman (the luminous Olive Borden) being taken advantage of by a corrupt sheriff and his posse. In quick order, their allegiances shift and they go from lawbreakers to valiant protectors. Ford packs so much plot into this 92-minute feature that it feels like an epic. –Mark Steiner